Saturday, December 19, 2009


in the absence of my 5 fav tv shows - which are Greys anatomy, heroes, gossip girl, 90210, melrose place (damn, i watch alot of tv!!) - i got bored.

like really2 bored

every weekend, i'd leave my laptop on so that i can continue downloading new episodes from all 5 tv shows. but since all 5 shows are on a break (holiday break, i think) till mid-january, i couldnt just NOT download anything, that'd be a waste! wont it?

and i am opposed to such a waste! =P

i love watching tv series'...its one of the main reasons i'm ok at english. u watch, u learn, u copy. XD
plusssss, their lives are alot more interesting compared to ours. heck, i wish we're living in a tv show.
but PLEASE NOT ur typical stereotype of malay tv show. u know, the one with the datuk kaya, tan sri kaya, anak jahat yg kemudian jd baik selepas jumpe awek cantik yg miskin, datin yg bitchy amat..get what i mean?

another reason y i love watching tv shows is u get to see pretty ppl. and u wont stop seeing them after the credits roll. cuz there'll be the next episode to the rescue! XD

exhibit A: Jessica Stroup from 90210.. cairrrrrrrr

anyway, being a movie freak, i checked out the list of the nominees for the golden globe awards
stumbled across the show "Glee"
youtube-d it.
didnt really watch the vid

but downloaded the pilot episode anyway.

after watching it, i have to say it's pretty damn awesome!

the show's about a bunch of kids who join the GLEE club. a student's club for singing.

now ppl, i know what ur thinking.. "Great, another version of High School Musical. just what we need in this world"..but, its not really a musical, ppl dont just run around suddenly singing, serenading a love song to one another and being all very the gay and whatnot. its actually a show about a group of students who aren't ur usual crop of performers.

i've just downloaded about 8 episodes. but i've already watched 5 episodes in less than 24 hours. and i'm only stopping myself from watching the rest cuz i'm saving it till i get really bored and internet-less..hehe

i highly recommend watching this show!


watip said...

totally agree!

maliQ said...

cool! but agree with what now? hahaha

btw, thanx for following! =D

Noor Alyssa Villamor said...

just wanna ask u something..
where do u dwnld those shows n stuff??
pls do tell, pretty plezz with cherries on top! ;;)

maliQ said...

haha mane bole bitau dowhh..
its one of my greatest

i download thru torrent
1st, u've gotta have a torrent software..go google utorrent (but the symbol is actly like micro torrent)

then u go to this website - and u search for movies/tvshows/songs etc

good luck!

Arina Honey said...

To download,nak tengok seeders plg byk or leechers?

maliQ said...

seeders, cuz ur one of the leeches..hahah