Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what now?

reading. books.

i've never been fond of the 2 items mentioned above. i'm much more of a "visual person", hence my great interest in all things concerning movies. i read only when necessary hence, my reading abilities were only used upon newspapers and text books.

then along came Harry Potter - or J.K. Rowling, i should say

and my perception of books took a 180 degree turn. then voldemort died and Harry Potter books were no more. i returned to my old book-loathing self.

that lasted for about 3 years or so, or in other words, till early this month

i found twilight!

i actually watched the movie first, but i liked it enough to read the book!
well, its an e-book actually and i've already had it-and the other 3 books in the series-for about 6 months now and all of them remained untouched, unopened.

so i read twilight and new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn and thanks to Hanis, i even read Midnight Sun(another version of twilight but from Edward's point of view).

little did i know, i have read all 5 books - which would sum up to more than a thousand pages - in less than 2 weeks, while still having to study for a final exam and allocating time to hang out with friends! =D

in those 2 weeks, i had a hard time putting the book down - i mean this figuratively of course, i read e-books, remember - to continue the daily routines of my life. my days at home were spent in my room with my laptop on my bed.

i was content and i was happy.

but now that i've finished reading all 5 books, i asked myself,
"what now?"

i really have no answer to that question.
i didn't want to return to my former self who spends all his free time online on social networking sites and play computer games till 3 in the morning.
nope, i've had enough.

so, i guess what i'm trying to say here is "got any good books for me to read?"

n please dont get cheeky and tell me to read the Al-Qur'an.
there's a time for everything...

who would've known that i'd get so caught up in a book.

i guess it is true, u really shouldn't "judge a book by its cover"

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