Friday, July 24, 2009

back to school

hello semester 5~

juz got back from my rented house at sepang(yes, i will call that area sepang, instead of dengkil.sounds less

1st week of semester 5 is over!

same classmates
same car
same shoes
new subjects
new lecturers
new schedule
new routine
new books
new notes
new classes
new jeans =P

new mission
same goal

seriously, i cant believe i'm already in semester 5.. yeah yeahh i'm still juz taking a ruddy ol' diploma..but heck, i'm kinda proud of taking an out-of-the-ordinary course with an even weirder specialty..2 more semesters then i'm outta here..but i dont know what i'll do or where i'll go..i guess i'll just go with the i always do..huhu =D

got my results for semester 4
trust me, nobody is as surprised and shocked and as dumbstrucked over it as i am
cuz i know how much i studied -or didnt study - for last sem's final exams..
i guess luck was definitely on my side. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! =D

taking 6 subjects for this final sem at miat (next sem will be having my On Job Training outside miat)..not loving the subjects..too much focus on electrical and electronic crap...grrr
there's this 1 subject which takes about 6 hours per week! and theyre cramming it all in 1 day! x pecah kepala kau nyumbat segala haram psl turbine engine???? grr..

and i have a variety of great, good and god-awful lecturers this sem..
one's an experienced licensed aircraft engineer who's funny witty yet disciplined and strict
one's an inspired energetic and enthusiastic entreprenuer
one's a by-the-book confident english teacher
one's an intelligent engineer but not the most communicative person
one's less entertaining than watching a tree grow
one's weird enough to give us the whole final exam questions pertaining his subject on the very 1st day of class


at least i have a day off every week! MONDAYS! wheeee XD

andddd i get to play badminton again every day!! this almost takes the pain away out of not having internet anymore at my rented house! hahaha

and i guess i've been meeting more new ppl and making more new friends
weird, huh?

gonna be busy as hell this semester with all the practical shit, FYP, LWTR classes, OJT plans, extensive assignments and reports

will definitely need an attitude adjustment

more of this

and less of this


amir aiman said...

maliq ko g class pakai uniform ke????

maliQ said...

pakai uniform
siap dgn safety boots lg

aliah kama said...

hahahah. aku pun. (tipu)

Noor Alyssa Villamor said...

geli hati tgk pic with the mustache pen + the uniform! (n boots?!)
chayok2 for sem 5! ;)

boolan said...

bape result kau weh ?
nak tawu , bole bg smgt kat aku kan.. ;)
btw, congrats!
and good luck for coming days... (^_^)

maliQ said...

thank u thank u
saya tau saye comel
(ok statement geli)

bad : sebok ahh maen dgn kayak kau.hahah thanx weii =D