Monday, July 6, 2009

big spender

if u're an adult, mature and u act ur age, when u read the title of my post, u'd think about a person spending a large amount of money on something

but if u're a kid, immature and a little bit perverted, like me, the term "big spender" would immediately pop images of unusually large undergarments, most commonly... the briefs..

siap bole jd selimut skali..haha geli

hahahah...but yeah, kinda sick huh


it's only been exactly 25 days since my holidays started
but dammit ive spent a WHOLE-LOT-OF-M.O.N.E.Y!!!!
hahaha not.kidding.

so far (haha), i've bought....

3 round neck t-shirts
1 collared t-shirt
1 collared shirt
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of shoes
and 1 external portable hard disk

and it all costs around ...

jeng jeng JEENNNNGGGGG !!!

RM 413.00

except for the shoes, everything else was bought using my own money. which i'm kinda proud of, to be honest. =D

not to mention all the putrajaya-subang traveling costs
the minyak, the tol, the time(cuz time IS money.duhh), the parking fees(amik ko, terus aku berkire), the eating out(ok nasib baik byk makan2 free cuti ni =P .thanx rakan2), the car maintenance(agagagaga)

so all in all, ur looking at around 500bigbucks or more!
and how much is my "income" again??

seriously, my mom must NEVER know about this!!!!!!
lol XD

before u start questioning me and/or judging me about how freaking rich i am and how easy life is for me

shut the fook up and think again.
my monthly allowance is a mere rm150 and that covers the food expenses, notes, clothes and stuff. and sometimes for minyak and toll

u do the math.

anywho, now i'm really really realllllyyyy broke as hell

nasib baik dah nak dekat puasa. hoho


Noor Alyssa Villamor said...


"naseb bek nk dekat puase"
till then u'll still spend3 rite ;P

maliQ said...

nak spend pakai ape?
bulu kucing bole?

sudu said...

takpe maliq. aku ade.

giler babi takblehblah.

maliQ said...

aku tunggu je si mangkuk mana akan ckp camtu

Att Ashburn said...

byk gak ko spend kan..hehe..

maliQ said...

haha tu la psl
gile dirasuk hantu shopping mane ntah

Nina :) said...

hahaha weh
cmne kau ade duit byk tuh,
tp allowance kau hnyelah 150??
ape lgi weh..dikala xde duit nih..
bak kate kakak aku..
"gi la jual badan"


maliQ said...

tu diaaa
nasihat drpd Ustazah Nina!!

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