Sunday, April 17, 2011

a letter from a driver

To the passenger woman sitting at the back of the black Myvi which almost hit my car at Cyberjaya whom i showed my middle finger to yesterday afternoon, I am deeply sorry!

The middle finger was a direct response/impulse reaction that I have towards bad/awful/accident-waiting-to-happen driving.

And my short-term anger was not directed to you, but to the driver of your vehicle, but i should not have shown the finger anyway. That, unfortunately, was my bad.

I wish i could apologize to u in person. Well, actually, I'd rather not. I'd rather text u or email u or something - for fear of getting the repercussions - but anywho, I sincerely and deeply apologize.

Yours truly,
A much better driver.

P/s: this is not sarcasm. i actually did show my middle finger to a makcik(kot) when she looked at my car after her car(driven by someone else, not her) almost hit my car because of clearly dumb and reckless driving(from her driver's part. not mine), and i deeply regretted it and hope to learn to control my anger/temper. especially when driving.


Anonymous said...

pergh! ko buat cmtu? mesti ko terkejut sesangat kan sampai bam* action tu pun keluar tiba2

maliQ said...

haha at first aku just honk je kete tu, pastu bile makcik tu pandang belakang, tibe2 aku kena rasuk dan menunjukkan jari ku yg hodoh. hahah
sorry makcik! x sengaja!