Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guide To Gift-Giving!

sorry for misleading u guys

this post has nothing to do with fatty father xmas.

and the title is incomplete..
the actual title for this post is "the guide to giving gifts to Maliq Fariz"


anywho, my birthday has come and gone
and i'm still patiently waiting for my presents
i know u guys are having a hard time trying to figure out what i want for christmas my birthday, so, being the helpful friend I am, I've decided to tell u what to give me give u clues as to what i EXPECT this year. =D

here goes, what I GENERALLY LIKE: food, money, clothes(shirts size S, Jeans size 28/29), shoes size UK9.

OBSESSIONS: Emma Watson, Chelsea FC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, travelling!

also accepts but greatly discouraged: watches(original only), books(it better be good), clothes(pick the right size, people!), gadgets(ask me first whether I'll like it or not)

Stuff I wish to get from Oprah: Audi Q7, Alienware laptop, Data Plan for my phone, lifetime supply of ice cream.

Secret Wish List: 1 day with all my family members without arguing, anak buah(abang, sile cepat kawen), 1 day with all my friends all over the globe karoeke-ing(ni dah clue baikk punyaaa!). =D

anndddddd I seriously want this - a Darth Vader bobblehead


Nina :) said...

wahahaha baru skrg aku faham ape kau maksudkan dgn surprise ittewwww...hahahah

maliQ said...

yes nina..i want a Darth Vader bobblehead thing! haha