Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RIP Bonnie.

you were born,
you live your life,
and you return to meet your maker.

though the time span may differ, every living being will go through this process

today, i witnessed life being pulled away from a loved one.
a cat.
my cat.
my Bonnie.

you were always a member of the family. you were loved by all. and will be remembered by all.
a loyal cat. the fattest cat i've ever owned.

RIP Bonnie
2001 - 30 Dec 2010
my big fat orange cat.


sudu said...

=( takziah to ur family...
i know how much u guys, esp u and ur mum loved bonnie.

maliQ said...

yeap. aku kesian mak aku laa..xde teman kat umah dahh.. =(

shera said...

alahai. sedihnya. may u rip bonnie. :(

Cikgu AL said...

Bonnie! cm same rupa ng kucing aliah je..dia mninggal sbb pe? siannya,takziah ye..RIP Bonnie

maliQ said...

aliah: die meninggal sbb he had the cat version of HIV..which is FIV(feline) =/