Friday, April 30, 2010

too cool

i get it

ur a privileged child who comes from a well-off family and so can afford all the starbux coffee u want

and i am just a dirty little beggar who is unworthy of taking a stupid picture drinking a cup of coffee that a friend of mind treated me to

status isnt everything
money isnt everything

get a hold of urself and pop that gigantic bubblehead of urs
and get back down to earth

u need a big-ass slice of humble pie

loser or not i may be
i may just be a better person than u are

but u wouldnt know, would u?
u're too busy drinking all the expensive drinks and spending allll ur money on things i cant afford

but hey, whatever makes u sleep at night.


watip said...

i like this entry. it is awesome. can i save it? i might as well use it for my blog.i'll quote's alright if u don't permit it. :)

maliQ said...

haha thanx watip
sure u can post it to ur blog
i dont mind
glad i could share
hoho =D

watip said...

thank u so much! :)

Orion Eriksen said...

Preach it, my brother! I agree that rich snobs need some humble pie.

maliQ said...

i'ma preach to them brats till the day i die!
haha thanx orion's belt!

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

love thisssssssssss!!!

who's the bitch??

tell that bitch, "no one can be a bigger bitch that i am, BITCH!"

Anonymous said...

yeay, updated dowh! hhaha.. tahniah