Monday, September 20, 2010


sometimes, when u want something so bad, u know deep deep down that u're not gonna get it
cuz u've seen other ppl want that same thing just as bad as u do
but they didnt get it
so u dont dare get ur hopes up
but u wish quietly in ur head and in ur heart that u do get it

and so u pray
for that one thing that u want

and guess what?


though at times u may feel that u dont deserve it
fret not
God is generous (Tuhan Maha Pemurah)
it's all part of His brilliant plan

and so i am very thankful that i got it
and i'll do my very best to  make sure that i stay true to my intentions
and not to fall to temptations.

oh yea, what is "it", u might ask?
ask me personally, and maybe..maybe, i'll tell u =P


liaNa said...

hOpe i'll get 'IT' tOo..

maliQ said...

haha hope that u do!
just not MY "it"

Solei said...

What is it that you want?