Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the end is near

hold ur horses, crackheads
i'm just playing wit ya

i'm not talking about the end of the world
on the contrary, i'm talking about the end of my 4th semester
well, it's not over yet
but all classes are done
and the final exams await

it's funny how time seems to fly so fast every time you're near the end of something

i've gotta say,
that this semester hasnt been my greatest or most fav sem
for a number of reasons, of course
but all in all
it is what you make of, and excuses are merely that.. excuses

i think i've grown complacent
achieving something you've always wanted is great and all
but maintaining that standard, keeping consistent...
now that's a bitch

the semester aint over yet
its down to me to change it all

i may have lost the battle, but i'll be damned if i lose the war

bak kate Kristen Dunst dlm cite Bring It On,

"Bring It On!"

i bet you didn't see that one coming, did yah?


batchiwa. said...


maliQ said...

thanx batch!
sbelum aku finals aku nk rase hasil kemenangan ko!