Thursday, May 7, 2009


until about 10mins ago
i was really happy about my current state of life
truly happy
everything just seem to fall into place perfectly
like a jigsaw puzzle

i've really screwed it up
big time.
the jigsaw puzzle has been stepped on, sat on, crushed, bulldozed, disintegrated and vaporized
why couldn't i just keep my damn mouth shut

the thing has a mind of its own...

i am a total ass
not worthy of anyone's trust
you probably wont forgive me
and you have every right not to
but i'm still hoping against hope that you do

i hate you oh awkward silence.

kerana mulut, badan binasa


Nina :) said...

benda camni biase sgt terjadi. aku pernah, semua orang pernah. but no matter what, a simple sorry will do all the healing, insyaAllah. don't beat yourself up too much. humans make mistakes. and atleast u realised it, and feels regretful. we're still on a learning process. slow2 k? take care aite.. semoga Allah memberi kau ketenangan hati. amin~

maliQ said...

sebonar ek aku overreacting je

overreacting gile babi actly
bende dah settle
i think
hahaahha XD

maliQ said...

and oh yeah thanx nina for the advice!

Nina :) said...

alhamdulillah da ok..
ur welcome! :)

p/s: sebagai membalas budi, blanje aku ikan bakar kt pd! hahaha

maliQ said...

nina, ko bukak blog sang pelangi
n ko bace post april 27
ahahahaha =P