Monday, September 1, 2008

meet Maliq Fariz Mutalib

***please note that throughout this blog, maliq will be talking about himself in the 3rd person. saje test. huhu

Human beings are complex organic life forms with emotions and virtues and ethics with needs and desires that makes us even more complicating and harder to understand and predict

Each one of us is different in our own way - the way we look, the way we dress, the way we eat, the way we speak.

1 word best describe us all

Spell it with me now - U.N.I.Q.U.E

haha :)

Then, meet Maliq Fariz bin Mutalib – the odd, skinny, nerdy, freak-of-nature , with even-weirder-looking-fingers who curses 24/7

Boy, I can tell you 1 thing, he sure is different

Here' some stuff that you probably don't know bout him, but you should

(But if you took the time to observe him, you'd know what I'm gonna say anyway)

  • Born in KL, raised in Subang Jaya, and moved to Putrajaya but a real Subang-Jaya-an at heart
  • He eats a lot, like really really really a lot
  • He is kinda kedekut, but believe you me, if he has rezeki lebih, he will repay his friends kindness
  • He is also kinda cheap, and again, If he has rezeki lebih, he doesn't mind
  • He aint the smartest bulb in the bunch, so that's why he STUDIES – hence the term – nerd
  • He loves his family and friends, but he doesn't show it (segan/pemalu)
  • He forgives easily, but never forgets (but that depends on his current state of memory, which leads us to *read below)
  • He is forgetful as hell! but he'll try his best to remember your names. i repeat - TRY
  • He secretly loves to watch romantic comedies and romantic movies.*note – a walk to remember (well now it aint much of a secret now, is it?pfftttt)
  • He is a lazy-ass. (you can tell by looking at his room)
  • He is emotionless at times, and at other times, he's an emotional-wreck.
  • He has a man-crush on John Terry. And no, he aint gay
  • He has a real crush on Emma Watson. Well, he loves them Brits (British peeps)\
  • His heroes are his mom (Norsiah binti Ahmad) and his super-nenek (Alimah). love them to death!
  • He gets bored easily, hence the current favorite song that changes every week or 2
  • He aint super religious, but he can tell whats right and wrong.
  • He has long super-bendable fingers that his friends call him "cacat" becuz of it. but he doesnt mind.
  • He loves his pet cats and all other cats deeply. meet Bonnie aka gemok

  • He is the male version of a camwhore
  • He is a moody lil freak, he has his usual mood swings – but he aint PMS-ing
  • To him, music is a drug. *note – paracetamol, anesthetic
  • Last but not least, he curses like no other. 80% of sentences that comes out of his mouth will be accompanied by a curse/swear word. But don't you get upset if you're at the receiving end of a swearing session, he really doesn't mean it, from the bottom of his hot and hollow heart

maliq is a flawed creation.
well, arent we all?

so, Judge him all you want, hell, you aint perfect either.

Bitch about him all you want, you're only donating pahala to him.

*world peace =)


Anonymous said...

owh..u left sumthing..
hes the most poyo dude among the poyos..ahahah

Annis said...

omg maliq! i so cant believe u made a blog. and the biodata is superb. enjoy reading it. wheeehheee! u forgot to say who is ur bgf! hahah.

batchiwa. said...

apekah annis ade blog?
nape ak tatau :(
waaaaa. sedeh. dipinggirkn.

maliQ said...

x ahh
annis xde blog
die cume ade account je