Saturday, September 20, 2008

words of wisdom; part 1

owhh quotes!
everybody loves them
how mere words can change minds, influence decisions and eventually change history itself

u can find them anywhere - books, movies, taglines, speeches
my personal fav are from movies!

and the quote of the day is...
(*drum roll)

"'s not about what you got, it's what you make of what you got"
- from the movie Step Up 2

need i say more?


sudu said...

aku nak letak quote

"wood, i have found you a seeker!" - prof minerva mcgonagall, harrypotter n the sorcerer's stone

Annis said...

hahhaa.. omg maliq. step up 2 is like sooooo hot! hahha. *bimbo style*

maliQ said...

u dont have to type *bimbo style*
cuz i know ur a bimbo from head to toe!
dah laa blonde!
gile lengkap
lol kidding!

dayah said...

i love step up two!
the dance is fucking hot.

maliQ said...

the dance sgt hot
but the leading lady, not so much!
tp suara die sexy dowhh!
serak2 gitu
wahh (gile xleh blaa aku ckp "gitu")XD

dayah said...

the girl is pretty hot too la.
ish maliq ni.
nak yang hot teramat sangat je!
the guy,the dance,the people.
turns me on ;)

maliQ said...

ko tu mmg cepat horny, dayah oii
xleh bwat ape2
ahahaha =X