Monday, September 8, 2008

music of the week

contrary to the title of the post, the list of tunes below is NOT my fav song of the week, its more like my current obsession for the past 3 weeks. lol

U see, I change my list of favorite songs as frequent as I change clothes
I listen to a song, I fall in love with it, I love it wayyyyyyyyyyy too much, I listen to it over and over and over again, I suddenly get bored with it, I move on.

So here goes the songs that are currently being played in my head time and time again!

• Fatal flaw - South Jordan
• Anyone else but you – Michael Cera and Ellen Page (from the Juno Soundtrack)
• Lengkap semula - butterfingers (im just as shocked as u are, so zip it)
• Teringin – Shima (again, SHOCKING!)
• The remedy - Jason Mraz
• You and I both - Jason Mraz

tell me what you think aite! =D


LifELovER.. said...

haha..the song teringin plg sengal..
lyn lagu cm 2 ker? hakhak.

sudu said...

bior le kawan aku nk layan lagu ape. kecow siot. hahaaz tiba2 emo. sbb aku pun layan shima gak. haahhaha... aku cuma tak paham lagu butterfinger tuh.. aku dah donlod... pelik sunggo telinga kau

radJAJA said...

mane nasir wahab?
ni marah ni.

maliQ said...

sengal dowh korg
oii best ahh lagu butterfingers tu
especially part chorus!

nasir wahab aku masokkan next week nye aite
huhu XD

alia kama said...