Thursday, September 11, 2008

friend, rakan, peng you(in mandarin)

They say “it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey”

Well, I say “it’s the people you are with that matters most”

'Cuz if you're with people that ur not fond of, it doesn’t matter if ur going to Egypt or Antartica, it’s gonna suck – period!
So, I’m very very very thankful that I have my super duper wacky/gedik idiotic best friends around me!!

You see,
I don’t want a million friends
I don’t need a million friends on myspace, friendster or even facebook
I don’t wanna win the popularity contest(I Couldn’t win it even if my life depended on it anyway, actually)

If at the end of my life, I can say I have like 5 to 10 really really great awesome cool friends that understands my weird-ness and stood by me throughout my life, that‘ll mean the world to me

After all, it aint bout the quantity, it’s the quality

the fantastic foursome

at shera's sis' wedding

senyuman ikhlas

my best mate and my BGF(best gf)

bini no 1, 2, 3. muat sorg lg! XD

MIAT class Heli 3 July '07 - Future Engineers

We dont sound good, we look OK, but we still ROCK

Syafiq, me, Aimen - owh the good 'ol days

PD wit batch, al n sudu.
Had a blast!


sudu said...

ko bajet letak gmbar org ramai akan dikomen lebih la eh? cuuur jah!! hahahaha

maliQ said...

tu ahh
kecewe gile aku!
nak bwang dowh gamba2 org lain

alia kama said...

eh jgn2.hai maliq.:D
kt komen.

maliQ said...

comment gile x ikhlas
aku nk delete ah post ni!
(gile emo)

batchiwa. said...

ak komen jgk. hahah.
memula hampa takde gamba ak.mentang2 ah ak tk g wedd akak sheyra.
nasib ade! mmg nasib ko maliq!
kalau tak, esk ade yg terkorban di hari raye. haha.

maliQ said...

tu laa
sape suro gatal dok jauh2 di kuantan(kan?haha aku still susah nak ingat ko study mane, same cam kat matrix umm perlis..???)