Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sengal ubi bakar ali

lately, everytime i go online
there are 2 sites that i must visit
nooooo, not porn
(x elok tgk bende x snonoh di dlm bulan puasa. note: bulan puasa)
hahaha anyway, the 2 sites that i'm talking about are actually
yeap, theyre like auction and advertising sites for new or secondhand items
(refer: ebay =P)

and the 2 things i search online are the 2 things i desire most(for now)
a handphone
and a camera
ni tgh sangap gile kot sbb pakai fon yg xde memory card n nokia 3310

anywho, remember how i mentioned above that i've been visiting these sites too often
and that i may (MAY) be addicted to them

well, it seems that God has sent me a lil message about this

a discrete, yet very effective message

and let me tell u this, messages from God doesnt come cheap

here's the scoop
just 5 mins ago, as i was searching for a cheap yet OKlaaa camera,
i accidentally placed a bid on a camera that was out of my budget

amik kau.terus seram sejuk aku dok mikirkan nak bayar camne..

bidding for the camera ends 1 and a half hours from now
and i'm HOPING/PRAYING that i get outbid

pleaseeee God, message received!!!!
can u pleaaaaaaaaaaseeee press "CTRL Z"(Undo)

for people with money, can i be ur friend?
pretty pleaaaaaassseeee!



Ms. sceptic said...

hahaha ni mesti case terdesak sampai place a bit with no credit hehe

its ok la, goodluck! ;p

maliQ said...

bukan laaa
in case membabi-bute-main-tekan-without-reading-the-whole-description case!!!
wakakakakakaka XD

thanx anyway felicia

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

hahahhahahha lawak glerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

maliQ said...

my sugar mommy!!!!
ngahahahahaha XD

batchiwa. said...

neh ke citer nyeeee!!!!!
dan sape yg tlg kauuu? hahaha :p

maliQ said...

yeye batch
ko laaa satu2 nye rakan aku yg ade maybank2u!!!
n for that, aku sgt thankful!!
n thanx belanjeee!!
ngahahahaha =P