Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i'm thinking about having an open hse this raya
and by this raya i mean this saturday
and by this saturday i mean the 3rd of october

was looking forward to it
but unfortunately, circumstances change

my big fat ginormous orange cat is sick

my mom and i brought him to the clinic 2 days ago (monday)
and he's been warded ever since
the doctor said he's been in pain for quite some time now, and we were all too busy, too blind to see...
he has gingivitis, a low platelet count, not to mention a problem with his kidney
all these can be associated with his ageing
he's 8 years old
he'll be 9 in february

at home, he hasnt been eating much
in fact, he lost 1.6 kg already since 2 months ago

the family's not in the happiest of mood
because we're all worried sick about him
especially my mom

so, i dont think its the best of times to host an open house
i dunno
we'll see

but even if the open hse does happen
we'll probably serve normal senang-masak-cepat-cepat-banyak-banyak-food
the usual mi-hun, kuew tiaw and apentah

dont expect too much
we're preoccupied

and old pic of the king of the house

1 comment:

Att Ashburn said...

sory for ur cat..hope dia cpt smbuh..
been through that stage b4 too..
miss my cat