Monday, August 31, 2009


whooaaa..title patriotic sungguh

but, seriously

i may not be all patriotic
i may not hang the national flag on house/car
i may not immediately stand up straight every time i hear the national anthem
i may sleep during the whole national parade

but dammit, i do love this God-forsaken country of ours! =D

i do remember the 5 "rukun negara"
i do know who our current leaders are, as well as the past
i do give a damn about politics

and i utterly despise people who posts negative crap about our country come the date of our independence. malaysians who thinks that malaysia is NOT a harmonious peaceful multi-racial country should leave malaysia, and see how life is on the other side of the border

u think our politicians bicker and fight like 5-year olds. dude, look at taiwan or korea's parliamentary meetings

sure, the system is flawed.
bribery and graft is rife.
and racism still exists here.

but i personally think we're moving in the right direction.

you complain and you bitch about every single thing you see on the news, but you forget all the help the government has given you. your education, your home, your loans. think about that, for a change.

may you have more birthdays to come
and may we live in peace and harmony within your borders

"think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"


batchiwa. said...

huwaaaaa semangat gile!!
bagos weh :)
ak pon sayaaaaang gile Malaysia despite segala jadah yg berlaku, masih syg Malaysia.
1 MALAYSIA - konsep yg dah lama ada kat Subang :)

Annis Natalia Abdul Hamed Shah said...

dushhhh.. r u referring to my post?? lol. hahhaha.. ur the best citizen this country could ever have, man! soooooo patriotic!

maliQ said...

batch, ko x habis2 dgn subang ko
tolonnnnnnnnngggg laa sedar yg ko tu org kuantan skang
ahahahah =P

annis! hahaha terasa kau? lol but nahhh, not referring to u laaa
aku benci org yg letak status kat fb condemn2 msia

sudu said...

1subang eh 1Malaysia okeh.

maliQ said...

sedor2 laa sket sudu yg ko tu org shalam
haha =P

Nina :) said...

aku xsmbut lgsg merdeka kt sni sbb tlupe..bole la kn??
ktorg bru tersedar waktu merdeka eve,
n sang negaraku kat balcony asrama i..
sedehhhh.. rse cm failed as rakyat msia..hohoh
eh maliq, ko bkn org dengkil ke? :P

.paiz. said...

idop melesia. giler ah smangat merdeka. Thun ni sumpah susah nak jupe orang excited nak merdeka. Mat rempit ramai ah. smangat nak mampus malam merdeka.

maliQ said...

nina : tu ahh
tahun ni nye merdeka kureng sket dowhh
sbb dlm bulan puasa dan selsema babi

paiz : haha yeapp..rempit2 sekalian merdeka lebih tahun ni..ko x join plak? haha