Saturday, August 15, 2009

its not ur time yet

today, i went to hosp sg buloh
to visit a friend
not a very close friend
but as they say "a friend in need, is a friend indeed"
he is still, and will forever be, a friend
he is in a coma
after meeting in a car accident
seeing him on the bed
with tubes down his neck
sutures on his forehead
it really got to me
i was speechless
really, how do u react to that?

he's not gone yet
the fat lady has not yet sung
his life is in God's hands
and only He Himself can save him
all we can do is pray
and pray some more

its not ur time yet, Azwan Arif
so wake up
ur friends are waiting for u
ur family is waiting for u
ur mom is waiting for u
dont let her down

it makes u think
it makes u feel so vulnerable

so fragile

this life is definitely not our own
this life belongs solely to God himself

we are merely borrowing it for awhile

we are forever in His debt

and that is why we must do the things He commands us to do

and refrain ourselves from doing the things he forbids

this life on earth is short
the life hereafter is forever
*a reminder to us all

*1 more thing, acap is doing sort of a book/album for azwan
so if u have anything to say or any pics of him
do give them to acap!


sudu said...

dude, not to be funny or anything... but ur title "its not ur time yet" seems a bit out-of-placely disappointed.

Att Ashburn said...

sory for ur friend. i prayed that he will recover soon..faham rasa kehilangan sesorang :(

maliQ said...

haha dont get me wrong!
he's not dead weii

in factttt
he juz woke up from the coma!!
well sort of
but he's recovering!
so thanx for all ur prayers! =D

Ms. sceptic said...

yeahhhh i heard that too ;p
by reading her blog about his recovery:

btw act i xkenal sape die, but when i did the blog jumping thing, sume org tgh ckp pasal die (im assuming its the same person)..huhu

AND i wished i knew him ;)