Thursday, August 27, 2009

out of my mind

remember how i said this semester's gonna be busy as hell in my previous post?

well, apparently... i wasnt kidding?!?!?!

dammit, i've got
loooaaaaads of reports to submit
damn final-year project to do

all group works end up being me doing 70% of the job
lecturers giving out pop quizzes and exams so often that my head hurts
andddddddd i've got assignments coming out of my ass

assignments annoy me out of my mind
when i'm annoyed, i get stressed out of my mind
when i'm stressed, i'm infuriated out of my mind
when i'm infuriated, other ppl get hurt out of their minds

hell hath no fury than a guy out of his freaking damn mind


Azzy said...

woww..assignments are coming out of your ass?amazing..stop shitting la then.and everyone will be happy :)

maliQ said...

ahhh diam kauu
gi genting x ajak

amir aiman said...

sabar maliq sabar
bulan2 ramadhan ni bwk byk bersabo beb huhu

maliQ said...

yess amir!
tgh sabar-ing!
tu yg weekend je aku balik n tidoooooooooooo je memanjang
utk de-stress

maliQ said...
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