Friday, March 6, 2009

cerita dongeng

once upon a time
in a sleepy town called Vistaville
there lived a boy named jack

he lived in a gingerbread house with 6 other people;
besi, amirul, indie, zack, naruto and cotaiti

all 7 of them studied gardening at hogwarts
each of them have different personalities, behaviours, attitudes and skills

besi is an aspiring shuffler
naruto is the creator of redtube
zack was voted husband of the year in People Magazine in 1967
indie is the supposedly 6th member of the popular KAMI group
cotatiti...well, he likes to play with himself
jack is particularly skillful in the art of making silverware and cooking utensils
amirul, too is skillful in making silverware and also, he sells mentos part-time.

to make a spoon, fork or knife, one important tool is required - the furnace
although every member of the gingerbread house paid equally for the services of the furnace, jack took the liberty of controlling the furnace and elected himself as the sole operator of the furnace
he uses the furnace non-stop, creating spoons only for himself, while limiting the usage of furnace for the other members of the household
any visitors of the gingerbread house wanting to use the furnace is limited to making only a tiny miniscule fork salad or stare as the "great master Jack" makes
while jack creates spoon after spoon and large woks and gigantic "senduks"

naturally, the other gingerbread men are unhappy and frustrated with jack's unfair behaviour
but they kept quiet and let it slide - or try to let it slide - seeing how jack is their friend

but patience does has its limits

unfortunately, jack has another huge flaw
one that could ultimately push the other gingerbread men's patience right down the edge of the cliff
jack is a boastful person and he loves to show off - to the extreme
much to the great annoyance of the other gingerbread men

being fond of toys such as light bulbs, jack becomes a collector of them
and every new piece of collection will be announced to the other 6 again and again and again and again

one day, jack returned home with a brand new German light bulb
as he was making his 4th announcement of the new bulb
the other 6 gingerbread attacked him
biting, scratching, scarring, kicking and eating jack
until all that was left of jack was a jelly bean button.

the end.

all characters and events in this story are fictional
facts stated in this story are questionable or not-even-remotely true
and any similarities between this story and real-life is purely intentional. =P
may we all learn a thing or two from this story


sudu said...

walaupun aku malas baca smpai abis.
tp aku bau sesuatu. bahan tiruan. ko ciplak idea aku. nyampah. dan bangga.

quote : following is the best compliment.

maliQ said...



aku x bace pon post marjina(perghh, ingat..) ko tu

damn. kantoi

nina / saleha said...

hahah.. nicely written weh
nk lagi fiction nk lagi!
tp next time,
gne perumpamaan
yg lebih sng difahami ye.
light bulbs and forks
and utensils tu
aku xdpt nk bygkn la.

.paiz. said...

fiction doe.. mlampau

maliQ said...

aku xde idea dowhh nak pakai perumpamaan ape lg

writer's block

.paiz. said...

writer`s block konon.. cheit.. ak rase cam non fiction je ni. sal fantasi. pop rock pon boleyh neh..haha..

maliQ said...

40% fiction
40% non-fiction
20% bullshit