Thursday, March 26, 2009

a tale of love and destiny

a tale of love and destiny, in it's most honest and beautiful and cliche'-less form

that's what the latest multi-oscar winning movie is about
and it deserved all 8 of the oscars that it won a month ago
maybe it should have won more, hmm

Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie
11 out of 10 stars! and i'm nowhere near exxagerating
if you have'nt watched the movie, do it now!
if you don't have the dvd/cd or whatever
come to sepang/putrajaya and i'll be glad to share it with you!
i've never been so "giving" / "pemurah" in life, so this is the opportune moment!

i'm not going to spill the beans about the movie
but damn it! this movie is a masterpiece!
without a doubt, a work of art!
one to be remembered forever and studied by aspiring film-makers

at 1 point during the movie, i had goosebumps
seriously. that was how engrossed i was in the movie
who knew watching "who wants to be a millionaire" could be so exciting

after watching Slumdog Millionaire, you become really grateful for all that you've got in life
when you compare them to the 4 and 5-year olds living in the slums
fatherless and motherless and homeless
doing all they can to survive
and at the same time, searching for a lost love
damn it, i'm getting emotional

just watch the damn movie!



aliah kama said...

haha. okayyy. okayy!

Nina :) said...

ok maliq.. jap lg ak smpi nk pinjm cd..
klu ak ketuk pintu, jgn x jwb plak..

maliQ said...

al :jemput2 tgk
jgn malu2

nina : kejadah nyee nk cd
bak sini thumbdrive, wa masokkan movie!

The Pen's Owner said...

betol2...citer tu citer hindustan paling best prnh aku tgk..
tp geli k waktu die terjun dlm najis2 tu semata2 nak tgk amitabh bachan..haha

maliQ said...

even though the movie is set in india and is starred by indians(not sure indian india, or indian british), but cite ni bukan cite hindustan laa...

mane ade joget2 ramai2(xcept for the last part time credits)

n mane ade scene lawan2 penuh gedegang


Nina :) said...

hahaha.. alkisahhh
*blushing* hahaha
malu2.. ye ye. thumbdrive kn ku bawa..

The Pen's Owner said...

ohh thanks for the info haha..but bottom line is citer ni mmg best

maliQ said...

nina : cepat weii
offer ends 31st august..
wahh. hari merdeka tu!

atiya : haha yeap2..sgt best..tgk di wayangkah?