Thursday, February 19, 2009

main batang...

provocative title, aint it?
seeing how i've been so gloomy and boring and on the verge of suicidal(kidding~), i'm letting off some "steam"...

but i assure you, there are no gay/sexually suggestive comments or remarks in the whole of this entry
well....i'll let u decide.

so here it goes

lately, i've been playing A LOT of cho tai tee(i have no idea how to spell it)
but i know it's pronounced this way

basically, cho tai tee is a 4-player game and its the chinese version of poker, i think...

don't worry, no gambling is involved,
only ego is at stake.

anywayyy, at night, i'll go to my friend's house across the street
and we'll start playing at about 11pm till 2-3am (depending on whether there is class or not the next morning)
the usual players are me, acap, aidil, aimen, epul and hafiz.

the best thing about cho tai tee for me is the part where everyone in the game talks smack!
everyone will go all out to prove that he is the best player in the whole damn world and you are the dirt stuck at the bottom of his shoes

but most of the time, all the trash talking is about psyching you OUT!
making you think what i want you to think
manipulate you
and eventually, winning

plus, it beats the hell out of staring at the laptop
and, its male bonding at its best(fine, this statement is kinda gay)

so, one day, i told my classmates how i rock at playing cho tai tee..
a couple of friends of mine haven't heard of it
and so i explained to them the basic rules,
how the card 3 of diamonds is the smallest and 2 of spades is the biggest
then, a friend of mine, mamat from terengganu said "ohh, kat ganu kitorg panggil game tu "batang""

and we laughed out loud

in case you haven't got it,
cho tai tee = batang

damn, now i'm starting to think that all terengganuans are gay.

so, the big question is this
siapa nak main batang??
ahahahahahahah XD


nina / saleha said...

ngok gle weh

ko mmg gay.

men batang bersama lelaki2 len

ustazah tusimah! tgk maliq ni..die da terpesong!

aliahkama said...

saya nak main.
kedengaran mcm best je.


maliQ said...

sumpah kedengaran sgt lucah dowhh
dan agak kegelian..

ko nak sape ajar?
aku ke mamat?
ahahahahah =P

hanis said...


maliQ said...

aliah is very much driven by hornyness

aliah kama said...

such a compliment. yakni dpt turn on kan org. haha.

dua2 tanak ah. eih.

maliQ said...


gile hina sial
due2 pon xnak
aku akan berusaha membuat ko "nak"

pfftt ahahaha XD

Annis Natalia said...

i really thought ur turning gay when i read the title. LMAO. SERIOUSLY. dont want my bbf to turn gay ok.

maliQ said...

dont worry dowhh
i aint nowhere close to getting gay

just kawan2 bodoh aku