Friday, February 6, 2009

drama, much?


it's everywhere
at home, at school, at our workplace
you can't escape it
it's even on tv, in movie theaters
it completely surrounds us like a sick never-ending reality show

some avoid it, some try to ignore it, some learn to accept it, and some just run away from it
while others,
they live on it
like a drug
their very own brand of morphine
it gives them a feeling like no other
entertainment at its greatest pleasure

we can all say that we hate it
loathe it
detest it

but who are we kidding...
reality shows aren't successful because they're squeaky clean and innocent fun
quite the opposite really, they expose us for who we truly are
hidden under layers and layers of fake and rehearsed sincerity

and now, even the local political scene wants a chunk at the "drama cake"

there's more drama in the past 10 months(since march 2008 general election) than in the whole gossip girl, 90210, the OC, one tree hill, grey's anatomy and any other teen-drama themed tv series' combined!

sex scandals. check
riots and illegal demos. check
verbal abuse. check
lies and deception and manipulation. check
empty promises and broken ones. check
and last but not least, the ever popular money politics and bribery. check

but wait a minute, aren't the politicians - whom we ourselves voted - supposed to help the people, administrate and govern our nation and improve or quality of life?
but instead, they're wasting our tax-paying money to cause all this commotion and leaving a mess of chaos and confusion behind


oh come on,
you guys are old
i can't believe i'm saying this, but "act your age!"

and leave all the pathetic drama to us hormonally-enraged angst-driven emotionally-unstable teens (and early 20's!)


batchiwa. said...

betol! act mature bole tak? politicians sume bersikap matang and make Malaysia a whole lot better palce to live? adoih.

aliah kama said...

kaw kelihatan matang maliq fariz tulis pasal ni.

dan aku teringat kaw kutuk politik post aku.

tengok,kaw dah dewasa.macam aku.

padan muka.

maliQ said...


fine aku dah matang
n aku suke kutuk politik
tp aku kutuk ahli2 politik belah sane je

batch : tu ahh, aku shud be a politician dowhh! since aku sgt mature! ngeee

aliah kama said...

kita anti sosial,suka duduk dari jauh dan gelakkan politik sampah.

sama.jom kawen.


kaw ada baju bangla.
aku takde.

maliQ said...

aww damn

ko baru je bg aku harapan palsu
oh well


batchiwa. said...

err. yess? :D

aliah kama said...

ohmaigod korang dah officialy tunang cara mak saleh!

omg.i'm so proud of u guys.

*mata berair*

maliQ said...

tarikh nak bile?
kite kawen lg cepat drpd kakak ko nak?
biar die saket hati
ahahahahha XD

aliah kama said...

hahaha.bole.bole.kt jadi pengapit kena dok tgh2 antara korg! lah my secret wedding dream! shit.terpecah takpe.cepat tarikh!

maliQ said...

aku ade class on monday till friday
soo wedding kite kene on weekends je ahh

gile x best kan kalo bwat wedding while still studying