Wednesday, February 8, 2012



We all know 9gag is THE best place to tickle your funny bone. Who knew simple pictures could make you laugh out loud or provoke your thoughts or stimulate your senses and so on? 

But you can also learn a lot from 9gag. Not necessarily the latest memes or the sexist jokes. You can hear/read inspiring true stories that will just leave you awe-inspired.

Apart from the obviously funny pictures, I LOVE to read the comments below. Cuz people of all races, backgrounds and cultures comment on every single post! It's a freaking melting pot!

Check out the 9gag posts below!

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the comments. and I have to say I agree with this guy. He's got a good point. Having no intellectual thoughts about one's religion is simply following blindly, and is therefore, quite meaningless. But that's my opinion. We all have our own, and we are entitled to it.

9gag post LINK

This one will have you crying your eyes out. :'D

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